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  1. Stuart D

    National meet 2024 - Congleton

    Thanks Debs, hope you’re feeling better, £40 paid - 2 nights & BBQ please?
  2. Stuart D

    National meet 2024 - Congleton

    Hi Debs / All, Do you want participants to pay for their full camping fees and BBQ or just a deposit please?
  3. Stuart D

    A Picture a Day

    How far did you have to go to get Waitrose reduced price provisions in £'s? I hope you don't charge for quotes :eek:
  4. Stuart D


    Truly gutted hearing this news, I only met Andy maybe half a dozen times but they were quality. He amazed me with his winter jaunts to the West Wales Invasions. I thoroughly enjoyed his stories & he would revel in others. RIP Andy.
  5. Stuart D

    New RE Himalayan

    The man on the RE stand @ NEC told me available in 6 colours & hopefully the first will arrive in the first quarter of next year.
  6. Stuart D

    Sold Icon Raiden Adventure Jacket

    And I didn’t bid because I thought you’d bid Bob
  7. Stuart D

    National meet 2024 - Congleton

    Tent & BBQ please
  8. Stuart D

    Hello all .... again.

    Good to hear from you Mart, hopefully meet up soon.
  9. Stuart D


    Other than rust on the sissy bar I can't see any damage.
  10. Stuart D

    I am bored, let's poke a bees nest

    Oh let's extend it to cover all of Wales, that & our new 20mph limit should kill working people & tourism.
  11. Stuart D

    National 2023 Lowflyer's 70th Birthday Bash!

    I’ll be traveling up Bob & Tony, I thought I might head up through Ribchester & Slaidburn. Where you guys planing lunch? Maybe we could rendezvous en route?
  12. Stuart D

    Winter meet

    Can't do 18th as I'm off to the Bike Show, but not for any reason other than to scowl at the electric bikes. Or roll it into Feb/March? Guess we're banned from Pembroke?
  13. Stuart D


    Good idea & fun to be had as well.
  14. Stuart D


    I’m in & bought trail pass, not sure if I’ll use it.
  15. Stuart D

    ABR Ticket

    £100, it's an early bird ticket, I paid £109 instead of £149.
  16. Stuart D

    ABR Ticket

    Anyone looking for an ABR Festival ticket for next weekend, its a Fri - Sun camping ticket?
  17. Stuart D

    Sunny snaps.

    Fab to see you back in the game, your is certainly growing on me, keep them photos coming.
  18. Stuart D


    Like you I'm amazed the distance & trouble they go to in the middle of no where.
  19. Stuart D

    American Road Trip

    My brother who lives in Spain fancies an American road trip next March/April, starting & finishing in Las Vegas. Whilst not on my bucket list it would be good adventure for us both , I’ll be 61 & he will be 72, having never ridden together or spent much time in recent years. My reservation, no...
  20. Stuart D

    For Sale NC 750X anyone?

    My mate is looking for one, cash in hand from his Fireblade sale.