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Sold 2 x F800GSs for sale

Discussion in 'Motorcycles For Sale & Wanted' started by Steve T, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Well, one of them will be leaving the garage . . . . . . . and whatever is left I keep :rolleyes:

    2010 BMW F800GS with ABS for sale

    Sales pic 1.jpg

    Well used but very well looked after F800GS with ABS, in eye catching Lava Orange for sale. Bike has been used all year round, both on and off road but is still in really great condition.

    Just shy of 35k miles on the odometer.

    MOT March 2019 – yes, 2019

    BMW parts fitted:-
    Centre stand, Heated Grips, Engine bars, sump guard, hand guards & 3 piece alloy luggage system
    Multi function trip computer

    Non BM parts:-
    Rugged Roads headlamp proctector
    Tank (top panel) protector
    Spot lights & LED DRLs

    Oil change done every 4k miles – due the next one in 1k miles
    Brake fluid changed March 2017
    Front and rear wheel bearings changed 5k and 8k miles ago respectively
    Head race bearings changed @ 24k miles
    Fork oil changed @ 23k miles
    Brakes cleaned, inspected & serviced before & after every winter

    Battery changed Jan 2017
    All brake pads have plenty of meat left on them
    Currently running a TKC80 on the front (covered 8k miles but over 6mm tread left) and a brand new Michelin Anakee Wild on the rear
    C&S have covered 22.5k miles. Have a quality new set (DID chain and JS sprockets) that go with the bike if asking price is met in full.

    Choice of either standard BMW screen or tall GIVI screen


    2012 (12 plate) BMW F800GS Trophy ( Non ABS)

    Neils F8GS RH side.jpg


    MOT Sep 2018

    Excellent condition, low mileage machine that has most everything required to take off on a great biking holiday.
    It is the limited edition Trophy version, with special Trophy paint scheme.
    Just had a Hyperpro 25mm lowering kit (front & rear) fitted. The bike can be put back to standard height should the buyer so wish.

    It has the following done to it:-

    Oil & filter change 1k miles ago
    Brake fluid change 1 year ago
    DID Chain & JTS sprocket change @ 9k miles
    Steering head bearings changed 200 miles ago

    The following equipment is fitted or will go with the bike at point of sale:-

    BMW Heated grips, Centre stand, Sump Guard, LED indicators & hand guards
    Standard Trophy seat and comfort seat
    BMW standard screen plus Givi tall screen
    Plastic headlight protector
    Puig Engine bars
    Aux lights
    Stalkoffer pannier rails and G&G alloy side boxes

    Metz Tourance tyres fitted. Both F&R have approx. 3mm tread left on them.

  2. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Orange bike sold subject to the usual stuff, so the trophy is now mine :rolleyes:

    Let the fettling commence - and the searching for a full set of knobblies . . . . . . if i can be arsed - got a new set of Tourances to wear out, so the dirt trails round Dent in May John may have to be put on hold :eek:

    Steve T

  3. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Well, the luverly orange beasty was ridden orf southwards on Friday last, after me adding a goodly 15k miles to her odometer in the 2 years and 9 months that I had my name on the V5.

    Gone but not forgotten :(

    And in case anyone thinks I'm now on the look-out for another bike, think again.
    The Boss has put a sizeable deposit down on a new bathroom . . . . . . before I'd even got the money from the bike sale in my hand o_O.

    Best I start riding what I've got, before she decides she "needs" something else expensive :whistle: and another machine becomes a target!

    Steve T

  4. Barftone

    Barftone Active Member

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    The Blue and white one is prettier Steve! New F850GS looks good on paper and if KTM get that 790 Adventure sorted soon there is some real dirty options other than the new Africa
  5. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    The Blue & White one is nice Tone, but I'd grown attached to the tango coloured machine :oops: :(

    Still, plenty of riding therapy days in front of me - got the Big Bird on the road now as well, the V-Strom in the background of the blue & white bike piccy, so it's a case of pick your weapon and ride on :D

    Steve T


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