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B&B's etc.

Discussion in 'Biker Friendly' started by Ian Porter, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Ian Porter

    Ian Porter Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    I thought I'd post up the B&B's and Cafe's we used on our Scotland trip for reference if anyone else was up that way.


    Hawes - Southview

    really nice B&B with garage space for the bikes if you want it or plenty of off road partking,
    lovely owners (if slightly bonkers)
    good breakfasts

    we intend going back here sometime to explore more of the area

    Dalry - The Clachan Inn

    room was OK but needed a good make over, noisy at night though as we were over the kitchen and the refrigeration units made a racket
    parking is on the pavement outside the pub
    food was excellent though

    probably not one I'd use again

    Oban - Genrigh Guest House

    lovely big room and very comfortable bed,
    dotty old owner but very nice
    great breakfasts
    plenty of off road parking for the bikes


    5 Drumfearn

    good basic B&B out of the way down a gravel track, plenty of space to park the bikes out of the way

    Bla Bheinn

    5* B&B, simply fantastic, huge room, complementary beer, brilliant breakfast, sauna, really nice owners with batty dogs
    access is down a gravel drive and rather dodgy looking cattle grid and plenty of parking space

    I know where I'm stopping if I every go back to Skye :)

    Gairloch - Gairloch Highland Lodge

    old fashioned room, reasonable breakfast

    nothing more to say really...

    Ullapool - Morefield Motel

    tiny room but with all the facilities (including creaking bed) parked right outside the room
    Breakfast was good but evening meals were very good (especially if you like seafood)

    Tongue - Ben Loyal Hotel

    average room and food but OK

    Lochearnhead - Lochearn House

    very nice B&B, comfy room, served with delicious carrot cake on arrival
    owned by a retired chef so breakfast was excellent
    parking was just on their drive but OK

    we'll probably use this one again

    Moffat - Buccleuch Arms Hotel

    good room and food,
    each bike gets it's own garage :)

    owned by bikers so good banter and recommended routes etc.

    book direct and bikers get a discount :)

    I'll post some of the café's we liked later
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    MIKETHEBIKE Active Member Forum Supporter

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    So can we rely on you and Ruth to be the creaky bed testers :respect-047: :Taxii:
  3. Ian Porter

    Ian Porter Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Re: B&B's etc.


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