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Beallach and beyond

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Pictures' started by Lowflyer, May 9, 2022.

  1. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    So woke up early Sunday morning, sunshine streaming through the window, mmm Got me clobber on at 0730 and headed west
    Went up over the Beallach, very very quiet roads

    Usual Shot

    And this photo brought back a very good memory of me and the late great Mr Jim Simpson hurtling up this track on the hill to the mast with Buggles and his brother behind trying to keep up :D Had a sombre moment of reflection here.:( Miss you Jimbo.

    On the way back down the Beallach

    And this is a little gem, Toscaig. Just outside Applecross. Haven't been there in years. Looks like time has stood still here -- lots of abandoned Fergies lying about where they had expired :D

    Toscaig area, nice innit ?:cool2:

    And lastly, familiar photo before Sheildaig

    Great wee run out, Beallach and back by Sheildaig.
    Going to go back to Toscaig ---- with a fishing rod ;)
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  2. Philwhiskeydrinker

    Philwhiskeydrinker Well-Known Member

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    Toscaig looks stunning John, must swing by next time I'm up there & try to snaffle me a fergie

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  3. Hamster

    Hamster Active Member

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    Good to see you out and about John. Bikes looking good mate.
  4. boboneleg

    boboneleg Well-Known Member

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    Stunning scenery John, I'm not looking at your bike or I may start crying .

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