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Sold BMW R80/7 1978

Discussion in 'Motorcycles For Sale & Wanted' started by Lowflyer, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    Bmw R80/7 Completely original and un molested weo electronic ignition added.

    This has been my long term renovation project, putting the Covid lockdown to good use to complete !!

    I have stripped down to basic trim but can add on the following if required for touring.

    1. Fairing, mirrors and handlebar console

    2. Recently re sprayed crash bars

    3. Original pannier rails

    4. Original panniers c/w keys

    Service History

    1. Boyer Bransden electronic ignition fitted to replace points

    2. New stainless steel silencers fitted 1.2k miles ago

    3. New battery fitted 1 year ago

    Recent Service carried out

    1. Engine oil and filter change

    2. Gearbox oil changed

    3. Final drive oil changed

    4. Valve clearance checked

    5. Carb refurbishments carried out

    6. Ignition leads and plugs changed

    7. Front brake fluid changed

    Documentation to cover above weo the fluids which I did myself

    Also included in sale

    • Original BMW First Aid kit, unopened
    • Original Hand pump
    • Original tool kit
    • Original exhaust fin spanner
    • Various journals dating back to 1980's
    • Original rider's handbooks
    • 2 no Haynes manuals, one very old, one more recent.

    This bike starts and runs very well and for this marque, barely run in !!

    Bike is located in Inverness

    Cash on collection or cleared funds before uplift.
    Asking price £4000





    000_0005 (1).JPG




    It has benefitted from a respray which was done to a high standard.
    Thanks for looking guys !!
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  2. Lutin

    Lutin Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    John, you are a bad man. Putting temptation in my path.

    Looks like a corker of a bike, though. :thumbsup:
  3. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    Cheers young man.
    Have to say when I first took it out, it was a bit "lumpy", took it to Loch Ness Restorations and they did a great job in getting her running right for a very modest fee :thumbsup:
    Took her out for a couple of runs and have to admit I am rather taken by it. It is certainly handles well for an old beast, good throttle response and it causes attention every time I park up, even more than the old AT :cool2: Wrong time of year to sell I guess but I am in no hurry, had a few enquiries and a guy coming to look at this week, so we'll see.
    Should I keep it ???? nah I have other plans ;):D
  4. Rubberchicken

    Rubberchicken Well-Known Member

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    Ooh, nice one.
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  5. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    SOLD , heading over the border

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