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Bulgaria Motorbike shipping

Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by nethen, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. nethen

    nethen New Member

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    I'm not sure this is allowed so please delete if its in anyway inappropriate.
    Hopefully it is of interest to some of your forum users as its a pretty unique offer.

    I have started a company offering Motorcycle shipping and adventure bike only tours in Bulgaria.
    We ship YOUR OWN BIKE to Bulgaria for the Ultimate off road or tarmac experience.

    With over 111,000 km2 of off piste riding and no Limits trails our base in Samokov
    is an ideal location to adventure with us on one of our fully guided tours or
    feel free to just use our shipping service and start your own adventure.

    Example of shipping price.

    2 Bikes return £800 per bike.
    (based on large bike over 120cm tall)

    Example of tour price. 7 days fully guided (5 days riding)
    £1200 per person based on 4 people.

    We also offer full off road tours for your MX / Enduro bikes and much more.

    Contact us now for more details David@bulgariabikeshipping.com
    Or see our website www.bulgariabikeshipping.com
    Its not complete yet and theres much more information to be posted.

    All the best and happy riding. :)

    Cheers Braapppy Riding and thanks for reading here are some videos from our last adventure.

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... JBrtAaxsqV
  2. Ian Porter

    Ian Porter Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    no problem here

    I've dropped you a PM too ;)
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