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Challenges 2021

Discussion in 'Bigtrailie A-Z Challenge 2017' started by dodursley, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. dodursley

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    Some of the VMCC sections are running challenges this year as they are fairly covid proof,
    i.e can be ridden by individuals or small groups generally within covid restrictions ,
    check current restrictions!

    Herefordshire & Mid Wales run the Hereford Edge challenge that is a one day event on 27 June,
    Herefordshire On The Edge – Herefordshire & Mid Wales Section VMCC
    the Cwmpas challenge through mid Wales that runs from 1 May to 3 October
    Current Year – Herefordshire & Mid Wales Section VMCC
    and the Compass challenge through Herefordshire that runs from 1 August to 5 September
    Note that that these can be done by non VMCC members as the info is available to all but you will not qualify for awards, but you will ride to some interesting places

    South Cotswold section run an Exploring Gloucestershire challenge through Gloucestershire from 1 April to 30 September
    South Cotswold VMCC - Challenges
    these can be done by anyone , there are no awards other than travelling to new locations.
    the previous challenges are available at the same page

    West Wiltshire section run the White Horse Challenge from 1May to 4 June the theme is airfields
    Add the VMCC section name - Events

    The challenge points are generally on surfaced roads (some just), some country lanes may be difficult on large tourers (Gold Wing?) or race replica(R1) type bikes but if you are confident enough have a go you can always check the roads on Google street before you go.
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  2. DaveS

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    They look like fun!

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