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New Profile Posts

  1. austin
  2. Graeme Howorth
    Graeme Howorth
    Hi, just joined from Cheddar, Somerset :-)
  3. Stuart D
    Stuart D Barftone
    Hi Tone, sounds good to me, best ride the @ I think. Only just seen this message sorry, 07971 048934
  4. Barftone
    Barftone Stuart D
    HI Stu. New mobile number 07483872990. Lost yours..dont ask! Me and Deano about Friday for the ride to Pembrey. How about meet 1000am at Macdonalds Pontypool? Go up over Manmoeal road etc? Dont forget your bathers!
    1. Stuart D likes this.
  5. Richie B
    Richie B Mikey
    Mike, how well do we know these new people? Can't say i'm 100% comfortable, especially as i'm responsible for the gaff!
  6. Smudge
    Put some gravel in your travel
  7. digitalcaptive
    digitalcaptive Philwhiskeydrinker
    Congratulations to both you and Vanessa mate, It's easier second time round ;-)
  8. Paul-S
    Stubbsie can't make it he's working and Hudders has made other arrangements now
  9. Paul-S
    What's your number Stuart, I have changed phones and lost numbers and others have mixed up. Mine's still 07768 534383 and home 01928 579503
  10. Stuart D
    Stuart D Paul-S
    Hi Paul, I only took over this after Hudders went silent & Ian was doing something else. It doesn't bother me either way, I was going to wait & see whether Hudders & Stubbsie jump back on board. I've spoken to Dom earlier today & he's not bothered with numbers, I did tell him that the four confirmed wouldn't keep him up all night drinking. If it goes ahead are you looking to have an on or trail type ride?
    Suppose a born again biker after a 23 year gap.. age 60 very soon. after nearly 3 years back on two wheels am still enjoying it
  12. DaveS
    Zzzzz off to bed now.
  13. DaveS
    What on earth is this for!?