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The Next One ?

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by ©-©, May 12, 2015.

  1. ©-©

    ©-© New Member

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    Girlfriend is entirely, comfortably, happy with pillioning about on the 650 Transalp …
    … that we’ve done a few laps of Sicily upon.

    But, Transalp 650, two-up with luggage, will take its own sweet time on the tedious motorways, autoroutes …
    … and autostradas between the interesting Fun&Games mountain roads of the Alps, Apennines, and Sicily during a planned 2,000+ mile holiday jaunt from midlands Uk to mediterranean Malta.

    The question is (for you experienced high mileage people who care about your pillion’s comfort), which motorcycle, larger than a 650 TA, would you choose for mechanical capability and pillion comfort on a 4,000+ mile round-trip ?
  2. Ian Porter

    Ian Porter Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Well I'm biased but I wouldn't hesitate to use my 1150GS for that kind if trip
  3. Mikey

    Mikey Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    1200GSA. Done long trips with two different pillions with no complaints. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. Hudders

    Hudders Moderator Staff Member

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    Got to throw the Yamaha XT1200 as well :thumbsupanim:
  5. Rubberchicken

    Rubberchicken Well-Known Member

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    1100 GS has been cheap as chips for a while now, that's a LOT of bike for the money. Heaps of cheap parts available too so no worries there.

    If I were in the market for something else today that's where I'd be looking. (That or indeed the 1150.)

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