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Top of England

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Pictures' started by Barftone, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Barftone

    Barftone Well-Known Member

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    2 of us had a crackin weekend up in Nenthead near Alston last weekend. 320miles in 2 days old school trail riding..Fab but still aching! Sat headed up towards Kielder and the Forest Road. It was fun and the lanes across the moors there and back were fantastic. Never done most of them which I always enjoy.


    Reben slopping around

    Sunday had us heading over Hartside and off to the Lakes

    Keswick Old Coach Road looking towards Blencathra


    UCR near Buttermere

    Happy Bunney....it was great to get away for a couple of days...and no broken bikes or bones is always a bonus!
  2. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    So you stood me up at the Stag Do for this heap of pish ??? :eek:
    Looking good Tone, looks like you had a great time, if not a tad moist in places :D Would make for tricky riding I would guess ??

    The Stag has been put back till next year so you can still buy me a pint of your best cider then :respect13:

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