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10% of Alpinestars textile jackets.

Discussion in 'Dealers & Retailers' started by Lutin, May 22, 2022.

  1. Lutin

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    I've mentioned these guys before - thevisorshop.com (Crossan Motorcycles Ltd). I've no connection with them other than being an occasional customer. Anyway, they are currently offering 10% off Alpinestars textile jackets using the code ALP22 (for one week only folks).
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  2. Philwhiskeydrinker

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    A day late!

    I've just ordered myself a new jacket after the zip on my once light grey, now rather minging 50 shades of charcoal, HG started to fail (cue, don't buy an off white/light grey jacket if you are doing a lot of year round/motorway miles....)

    I'll let you know how the cheapest laminated textile jacket I could find copes with my mega 1-2k annual mileage

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