Garmin zumo xt average speed cameras


Well it might do. I dunno and don't care Rick :p
Most of the ones on the A9 are switched off. o_O
hate long winded posts.......:)

So carrying on the sat nav theme, any one using a sat nav for car and bike?
Yup, my old Garmin Zumo 590 works well both on the bike and in the car. I keep looking at possible replacements - new Garmin, mobile phone, humungous tablet - but can't really see any advantage. For example, the Zumo screen doesn't reflect as much as a phone or tablet, so it's easier to read. It's waterproof out of the box. It responds well to gloved hand. It connects fine to my headset. It doesn't rely on a live mobile phone connection. (The battery lost almost all capacity a few years ago, and I could get a replacement battery, but I haven't bothered yet.)

Maybe as and when it finally dies, I'll look again at alternatives. Brand new Zumos are expensive, but amortised over, say, 8 or more years they're not too bad.