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For Sale Metal Mule Panniers

Discussion in 'Motorcycle parts For Sale & Wanted' started by austin, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Metal Mule Panniers for Sale. £350.
    Here we have a very nice pair of Metal Mule panniers. 2007 vintage and only used Half a dozen times in anger and for a few commutes or shopping trips in between.

    38litre capacity each.

    Usual top quality MM panniers they don’t make them like this anymore. Roughly equivalent feature-wise to MM’s current Max pannier which retail for nearly £500 EACH.

    • anodised - no Ali oxide rubbing. Pack straight into the panniers.
    • rubber feet
    • sprung handles either side and lid (sprung means no rattles).
    • tie downs on the lid
    • Locking hinged lids. One lock only per box.
    • two keys (same key both panniers). Locks lock the panniers to the bike and locks the lid.
    • easy and quick on/off.
    • folded and riveted joints to create the box. Very strong.
    • unused on a bike since 2011, although kept in the garage to dry store camping equipment.

    Not so good bits....
    • They have been used so not pristine. Nevertheless they look great slowly gaining an authentic well travelled look.
    •Some of the anodising has rubbed off inside one box where something rubbed while packed.
    • I made them fit another bike with non-MM pannier frames by moving a couple of the mounting brackets. There are therefore a few extra holes blanked off with nuts bolts and washers. See pics of the insides and the back. This does affect the panniers in any way. The panniers should still fit directly onto any MM pannier frame for any bike.

    6B2CC7E1-5922-453A-9A45-07CC4897215A.jpeg 940746AD-0E9B-4531-8B69-D941A87BD761.jpeg D214388B-9998-46EE-B3E0-87B2B5FD90BE.jpeg B9982908-43C2-4BD6-BD7B-312FBBBD15D9.jpeg D47F99D5-F40B-46E7-81F9-077C93381D0B.jpeg 607A6592-51AB-4715-BA08-17E4B907C063.jpeg A67550B0-6105-4183-818C-CBF313C61AB7.jpeg 36B169C9-AFDE-4CF7-9806-49C233910056.jpeg FA426018-2A33-4E7F-81D4-CEF9505A83BB.jpeg 77AB509A-D2D8-47EA-ABE5-CA29010D7DF3.jpeg 3492315C-9364-405D-81AF-1E794388C6D8.jpeg DCF01F81-FD43-4B98-B05C-7551AFE35A09.jpeg 816CEF7C-7075-4E48-A91A-D5650424406A.jpeg EF7537FA-1881-47E0-B14C-C2438155B0D5.jpeg 42F4E6B9-7DC7-439A-836D-0F5EE360439F.jpeg 6FF0EA9E-1755-4A91-949E-FCE063483E03.jpeg A9E4F588-6662-48C3-A098-87CE9197962E.jpeg 28462397-2C69-4E48-ABCD-602ABE76C83E.jpeg
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  2. outrunner

    outrunner Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    A bargain for somebody I'm sure, BTW a bit of that garden needs weeding Austin. ;)

  3. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Weeding. Me. Gardening.

    Nope, it ain’t gonna happen. I did manage to put some glyophospate down so the weeds are looking a bit poorly now.

    Now, back to the panniers. Anyone?
  4. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    I just thought I’d bump this advert after 3 years. Still got them. Still full of camping stuff. Not moved in three years so the spider poo and cobwebs will need a wipe.

    Make an offer you might be surprised. Or sent onto friends who may be interested.
  5. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    I'll take them

    If you take the England sticker off :D:D

    Only kidding Austin, these are a bargain , GLWS.
    I am sure they will be gone soon.
    I also have a surplus of luggage and camping stuff, I mean 5 tents ??? who needs that ??

    I do apparently :eek::D

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