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A-Z Challenge for 2018-suggestion

Discussion in 'Bigtrailie A-Z Challenge 2017' started by dodursley, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    Armistice/Military A-Z challenge for 2018 a list of suggestions though I could not think of K,L,X. Added some web links, they are not meant to be sole source of locations but just a starter, I was doing a local challenge (not A-Z) for our local VMCC and thought it might be a possible national A-Z. Non GB members will have to make up local equivalents.
    The table does not display very well so here is a pdf
    Armistice / Military A_Z
    A Airforce List of Royal Air Force stations - Wikipedia
    B Bunker (ROC,’secret’) ‘secret’=Cold War Posts Map
    C Civil war battlefield Battle or skirmish site
    Category:Battles of the English Civil Wars - Wikipedia
    UK Battlefields Resource Centre - The Civil Wars
    D dockyard Current or wartime naval dockyard/ shipbuilder sites
    Royal Navy Dockyards and Research, 1914-18
    E Exercise area (Range) eg Salisbury Plain, Lulworth
    The defence training estate - GOV.UK
    F Fort (Castle) Castles Forts Battles Home | CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk
    List of castles in England - Wikipedia
    ( links to Scotland & Wales)
    G Garrision Current army site List of British Army installations - Wikipedia
    H Hospital military current or wartime site
    Military hospital - Wikipedia
    Military hospitals in the British Isles 1914-1918 – The Long, Long Trail + others in local histories
    I Iron (Bronze) Age hill fort Hillforts in Britain - Wikipedia
    J Jet military aircraft Gate guardian/ Vintage eg Meteor, Hunter, Vampire , Phantom ?
    K Killing Fields battles sites not in C, R, S
    L Listening post Radar sites, ground stations for comms.
    M Military Memorial Eg Kymin, Commando memorial
    N Naval Current/former navy shore site
    List of Royal Navy shore establishments - Wikipedia
    O Ordinance factory site ROF or Filling factory WW1 to current
    List of Royal Ordnance Factories - Wikipedia
    Filling Factories in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
    P Pillbox or POW camp site
    Pillbox http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/uk-defence-locations/
    POW camp List of World War II prisoner-of-war camps in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
    Q Quartermaster, Military storage depot See A G N
    R War of Roses or medieval battlefield
    UK Battlefields Resource Centre - Wars of the Roses
    UK Battlefields Resource Centre - Medieval
    S Scottish wars battlefield (include those in England)
    Roman to Bonnie Prince Charlie UK Battlefields Resource Centre - Medieval
    UK Battlefields Resource Centre - Stuart Uprisings
    T tank or Thankful village Gate guardian?
    U underground Bunker or factory Home - Subterranea Britannica
    V VC grave/memorial/plaque Victoria Cross
    W War memorial Village/ town /city memorial
    X X planes experimental aircraft in museums?
    Y Yankee US military site/ item (vehicle –jeep, truck?) Unknown territory: America’s secret archipelago of UK bases
    United States Air Force in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
    Z ground zero (bombed building/area/plaque) Eg Coventry cathedral, ruined church or ?

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  2. Mikey

    Mikey Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    So in this day and age you're suggesting rocking up at military establishments and taking photos .:whistle::whistle::whistle:

    They've got men with guns.........:respect13:
  3. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    and women,
    you can take a picture of the nameplate or sign to it, never seem to be problems at Fairford there are always people with cameras there.
    See what Google street shows there, its already in the public domain, and only show the same with your bike.
    Suggest something else, a themed or random A-Z
  4. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    A selection of pictures from our section challenge, had to google C as I had lost the originals!
    Slide1.JPG Slide2.JPG Slide3.JPG slide4.jpg
  5. MooN

    MooN Active Member

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  6. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    K GB has plenty of historic Killing fields- Towton as bad as any for a 1 day battle (28000 dead) Battle of Towton - Wikipedia
    also other Roses, Civil war battles in addition to one under C & R
    X planes Fairford sometimes has U2 & Blackbird so probably the other USAF bases also,
    Cosford museum has some historic X planes from UK, Germany and others , possibly other aircraft museums?

    L- listening post Radar sites, ground stations for comms.
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  7. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    a different medal awarded for being in Korea-VC
    for V the Church at Cranham near Stroud Gloucestershire where Colonel James Power,Carne, 1st Bn, Gloucestershire Regiment was buried in 1986. He was awarded, in 1953, the VC for his (and his men) actions at the battle of Imjin River (1951) and during their years as POWs in North Korea VC cranham.JPG
    (spelt Imjin incorrectly above)
    and for G-Garrision an army site the museum of Gloucestershire soldiers The Glosters
    Garrison museum glos.JPG
    an international garrison (ARRC) in Gloucester now named after the famous battle The Imjin Barracks
    Garrison Injim.JPG
  8. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    Some more from yesterdays trundle around Gloucester
    D-dockyard Nielsen restore sailing ships , best we can do for building ships
    Dockyard glos docks.JPG
    J Jet Age Museum Meteors, club run there last Sunday, entry free Jet age museum > Home
    also A Staverton airfield
    Jet staverton.JPG
    O & Q Quedgley was Filling Factory 5 (making shells) during WW1 1915 to 1919 dismantled in 1924 ish, site used by RAF from late 1930s to ~1990 as storage facility and used by Gloster Aircraft? Mess building is almost the sole survivor from either, now housing and industrial estates.
    O Q quedgley.JPG
    P pillbox at Stonehouse, had an AA gun on the roof. Part of the Green defence line, around Bristol, along the Stroudwater canal and the AA battery was part of the defences for the Sperry gyroscope shadow factory at Bond Mill on the other side of the canal bridge.
    Pillbox stonehouse.JPG
  9. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    At last a reasonable day after cold and snow, until it rained!
    F Berveston Castle
    F beverstone.JPG
    I/K Hinton Hill
    I K Hinton hill.JPG
    M Leighterton
    M leighterton.JPG
    T Little Sodbury T little sodbury.JPG

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