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Anything planned for July 2019?

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Axe, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Axe

    Axe New Member

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    So the Mrs has decided to go on a girly week to some foreign place,
    Flying out on Wed 3rd July 2019.
    I will take the same week off work (week? Wed to Tue, bit weird)
    I had planned on a bike trip to Italy to visit my parents, stop off at the Nürburgring, take in a few Mountain passes along the way (always wanted to do the Stelvio) camping where possible but not wild as I need electricity at night (boring story but it is required), turns out they wont be home.

    I could stay at theirs anyway, but it was kind of the goal of a solo ride to have an objective.

    So now I'm scratching around for something else to do for a week, MacMillan have emailed me and offered me a place on a charity cycle ride (one of the Tour de France stages for 2019, I'm sure a million other supporters have had the same email) but it's the wrong week so that's not an option.

    Anyone know of any ride outs, trips, charity endurance stuff etc I could tag along on?

    I'm looking for a full week ride and don't want to go full throttle into trying to arrange an event as I simply don't have the experience/desire to get involved with stuff like that.

    But if anyone knows of a ride which is already happening that I could join in with please let me know.

    If there is nothing existing then I'll just have to wing it and strap the tent to the bike and see where the road takes me (might be just as much fun :) )

  2. Tony Varadero

    Tony Varadero Active Member Forum Supporter

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    mmmmm........that sometimes is the best plan of them all :) sorry don't know of any ride already planned and been to Italy twice to visit family and friends. If you need any help for that trip, give me a shout. There is a lovely youth hostel by lake Come run by a bunch of bikers, which is great value for money and fab location.....just in case you are heading down that way.....
  3. Paul-S

    Paul-S Active Member Forum Supporter

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    If you don't mind the midges why not do Borders and Scotland on all the back roads
  4. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    A week isn't long enough for Italy and back, well not without a couple of very long boring motorway days each way - like 500+ miles days. Then you would have just 3 days in the Alps. The Black Forest, The Ardennes, and Eiffel Mountains are within an easy 1 day of the channel ports and offer some great riding. Perhaps a bit too much like your Nurburgring plan though.

    Ireland is good and you could see a lot of it in a week. Scotland as Paul suggested also doable in a week but I would suggest outer hebrides for that remote adventurous feel. A few nights in hostels or bunkhouses to escape the midges is an option if they are bad.
  5. Dee Dub

    Dee Dub Active Member

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    I might be up for a trip in '19. Unfortunately I shall be away already on the week of 3 July. If anyone has plans for mid-July though...

    It's been years since I took a tent on the bike. Nice comfortable B&Bs beckon!
  6. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    I've got an urge building :eek: . . . . . . . to visit Euroland next year.

    Boss is not up for two up touring - her joints are worse than mine o_O, so just need to get my head in gear and think about where and when :thumbsupanim: . . . . . . . . then decide which bike to go-a-bimbling on :D

    Steve T


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