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For Sale BMW R1200GSA. Lots of extras

Discussion in 'Motorcycles For Sale & Wanted' started by austin, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Here we have the VERY reluctantly sale of my 2011 R1200GSA. 1 owner before me, I bought the bike from Blackpool Honda in January 2014. Mileage is 86,200 and may go up a bit. I am only selling as my wife treated me to a new bike from a small inheritance (a Guzzi V85). We have waited a few months after getting the Guzzi to see if we thought we could justify the two bikes. We can’t. My wife loves the pillion on the GSA and I love the way the GSA just soaks up heavy loads and gets on with it with aplomb. It really is an awesome bike and I may well regret selling. It is therefore a reluctant decision by both of us to put it up for sale, But, I think I think our days of long-term long-distance bike travel is over - which is what we got the bike for and what it has mainly been used for. We hardly used the bike in 2018 and now I have the Guzzi that is the one getting all the riding.

    Obviously the bike has been well used but never abused. It has not been commuted on (in my ownership for sure) with most of the mileage done on long touring trips. It has criss-crossed USA/Canada three times including going to Alaska and back and has been all over the UK and Europe several times.

    Good bits:

    • loads of accessories and spares included (see list below). Notably Wilbers shocks front and rear, a GS911, and a Garmin Montana sat nav complete with fitted powered mount.

    • Mostly home serviced by me every 6,000 miles on a sensible schedule with most things done more frequently than specified or following good practice as recommended on UKGSER. It has scrubbed up really well for a highish mileage bike.

    • The bike starts on the button and everything works as it should. It goes really well accelerating strongly to past 120mph. It will cruise all day at 80+ on the motorway but it’s far better at 60ish on A roads which is how we have mostly travelled on it. 50 to 55mpg is normal for the way I ride it but I was getting well over 60mpg at altitude in the USA.

    • A service was due in March this year (first time ever by date and not mileage in my ownership). I will do whatever is due (I think it’s a bigger one, but as a minimum will change oil and filter, air filter, and check plugs and anything else) and reset the service meter.

    • I will also get a fresh MoT once there is a buyer. Otherwise it’s due in January.

    • Tyres are good for 1,500 to 2,000 miles. Dunlop Trailsmart rear and Avon Trailrider front. It’s a good combo actually and the bike handles way better than anything else I have ridden.

    • In my nearly 6 years of ownership and 75,000miles I have never dropped or fallen off the bike. The nearest was misjudging a parking spot once where the bike ended up leaning on the kerb with me still astride it although my wife tumbled off. The only damage was a small scrape on the front wheel rim.

    Bad bits and other things to bring to your attention:

    • the bike and its accessories are all well used, but as I said not abused as this was a long term bike for me.

    • I have recently painted the rear sub frame and stands with Black Hammerite. I did this for my benefit not to sell the bike. It is far from a professional job but served the purpose of dealing with the evaporating paint and developing rust.

    • I haven’t touched any of the silver painted bits of the bike so there is metal to metal corrosion where spokes meet hubs and wheels, plus peeling paint on the front engine cover, rocker covers, and screen subframe. But none of it is really bad (actually the front cover is quite scabby) and it all looks mostly ok and in keeping with the bike’s age and mileage.

    • The screen has some fairly big rub marks where I have stashed stuff up front while travelling. In fact there’s a few rub marks where I have strapped stuff to the bike while travelling. None of it looks bad though, just patina .

    • The battery in the rear tyre pressure sensor is getting weak. In warm weather it’s fine in the winter it will take a few miles for the pressure to register. It’s not registered a fault yet.

    Significant work done to the bike

    • Wilbers shocks as mentioned above fitted in 2016 at about 50,000 miles. Secondhand front esa preload motor fitted early 2018.

    • Final drive rebuild by Mikeyboy in 2017 at about 65,000 miles. Drive shaft refurbished at the same time along with rear suspension and swing arm bushes and bearings. Also front suspension dismantled and the front crown bush and boot replaced.

    • Alternator replaced with a secondhand unit (it looked like a new one to me) in July this year.

    • Starter motor replaced with an Arrowhead starter in 2017.

    • Clutch slave cylinder replaced in 2016.

    • Motobatt fitted at same time as starter motor.

    • Throttle position sensor replaced early 2018.

    • Home devised high level breather in the final drive. Stops water ingress via the breather. It works!

    • Rear brake disc replaced, umm can’t remember when but in the last couple of years for sure. Front discs getting a bit thin too actually.

    I want £6500 with all the extras but open to offers with things removed or not included.

    Extras and accessories included:

    (Note all these items have been well used and on the bike for most of the time I have owned it. They all work as they are supposed to but have obvious signs of use and wear).

    • A GS911 diagnostic tool. USB enthusiast with 4 spare registrations (this bike is already registered obvs). I will even throw in the very old Asus notebook computer I use with it if I can find a way to remove my pictures from it.

    • Sergeant Seats front and rear. Much more comfortable than the standard seats. Riders seat is two way adjustable for height at the front and rear. Pillion seat has a small storage area underneath. Red piping, perhaps not in keeping with the bike’s colour scheme but it doesn’t look wrong.

    • Wilbers ESA suspension front and rear. Specified for a rider at 120Kg, passenger around 90kg plus 40-50kg luggage. If you are a lightweight you may find the suspension harsh as it’s at its best when fully loaded or being ridden hard.

    • A Garmin Montana 600 sat nav with a powered rugged mount and associated hardware on the screen brace/ nav bar above the clocks.

    • Garmin Sat Nav maps registered to the device include genuine Garmin UK discoverer 1:50,000 Ordnance maps of whole of uk, genuine Garmin download for all of USA and Canada (and I think Mexico - need to check), genuine Maps4Africa download (all Africa but a bit old now - from 2012). We were in Africa on different bikes. Plus OSM mapping for all of Europe - last downloaded in 2017. The device itself is a refurbed item exchanged with Garmin about 2 years ago I think after the screen went iffy on the old un. It’s got a scratch on the screen otherwise works perfectly.

    • BMW oem panniers. Work absolutely fine, small ding in one when it fell off the bike and you can make out where some stickers have been. Keyed to match the bike. Watertight when closed properly.

    • Well used Givi top box and the associated mounting plate. Not sure which model top box it is but two helmets fit in.

    • BMW Tank bag and fittings including the detachable bum bag. The map case is yellowed (sun?).

    • A pair of Touratech crash bar bags. Not currently fitted. I bought them secondhand from ukgser but have never fitted them. In very good condition.

    • Two lockable tool boxes by Cymarc: one on the inside of the right side pannier frame the other behind the number plate. The pannier frame one has been waterproofed with sealant and door insulation. It doesn’t look pretty but works.

    • Rugged roads oil cooler guard, mudsling, fenda extender, additional power socket on the screen subframe., camel toe extender on the side stand, grip puppies.

    • Front axle removal tool, plug lead puller, original bmw oil filter tool, oil filler cap removal tool. Spare unused Tx50 3/8th socket (fits rear wheel studs). Well thumbed and oily Haynes manual. Fuel pump controller by- pass plug and wiring. Plus all original paperwork.

    • Flappy valve in the exhaust removed and replaced with a straight link pipe.

    • And if you want them I have the old/replaced shocks (get them serviced to sell or as spares), the original starter motor (West Lancs Auto Electrics said they should be able to refurbish it), the old clutch slave cylinder, the old TPS (again repairable - there’s a thread somewhere on how to do it), a headlamp that needs glass and the flappy valve (I managed to unseize this so you could refit if you want). Plus anything else I can find that fits to or came off the bike.

    • And I think that’s about it.

    I would recommend you come and view the bike Located in Garstang between Preston and Lancaster. Test rides possible if you show me proof of insurance, leave a huge deposit in cash together with your driving licence, and agree to follow me and be followed by my son. There will be about 10 miles of petrol in the tank.

    I will get some photos when it stops raining.
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  2. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    I know it’s a long ad and it’s strong money too but there is an awful lot of expensive accessories included. Offers considered including removing bits of stuff you don’t need or want.
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  3. nick949

    nick949 Well-Known Member

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    Good luck Austin. It's a fine bike.
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  4. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    The bike is still for sale. I have now given it a full service - all oil and filters, new brake pads all round, brake fluid changed, valves checked, new spark plugs etc etc. I have today replaced the battery in the tyre pressure sensor in the rear wheel but have yet to test it but I am sure it will be fine. It passed its mot in January with flying colours. “Good as a new un” according to the tester.

    Plus a huge price reduction: now £5000 which is very realistic. But I am keeping the sat nav mentioned in the ad.
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  5. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member

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    They are good bikes Austin, GLWS :thumbsup:
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  6. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    The battery in the tyre pressure sensor works . So now all working, no faults or anything popping up on the dash.

    I gave it a wipe down yesterday. You know I wouldn’t be bothered if this didn’t sell but I doubt I will ride it much so I need to fall out love with it and let it go.

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