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Goodbye Tornado's

Discussion in 'Other Photography' started by Steve T, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Today saw the last operational sorties from RAF Lossiemouth of the Tornado GR4. Being the British training squadron for the Tornado, 15R Sqn is the last Tornado squadron to leave RAF Lossiemouth.
    I, among many, many others, surrounded the airfield to catch the event as best we could as the aircraft did a simulated airfield attack.
    I decided a couple of little vids would be an OK way of recording the event. Below are some stills grabbed from the vids (I can't be #rsed to do a utube thingy :rolleyes:)

    1st Pair


    2nd pair




    I started working on Tornados when they entered service in 1980 at the TTTE at RAF Cottesmore and have worked on the development side of their introduction into service as well as their front line nuclear role in RAF Germany, when the RAF had a nuke role :cool:

    Gonna miss the fast & low antics - the Phoones that have replaced them up here just don't cut it for me - to "electric" jet and not enough basic airodynamics

    Steve T

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