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Helinox "groundsheet"

Discussion in 'Camping Sites & Equipment' started by austin, Jul 1, 2016.

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    The solution to Helinox chair feet digging into soft ground.

    Those of us with Helinox or copy chairs know the problem of the pointy feet digging in when using them on soft ground. I have tried walking stick ferrules, tennis balls and tubes between the feet all of which work to one degree or another but are not the perfect solution. But after seeing Ian's (mabawsa) TGO helinox copy chair and "groundsheet" in Scotland I thought it looked the perfect solution.

    It's basically a rectangle of nylon mesh with pockets in each corner that the chair's feet slot into such that the material is tightly stretched. There is some plastic reinforcement below the pocket. It transforms the chair making it more stable all round and useable even on sand. At £24 they are expensive for what they are but the seats are sooo much better. We had a half hearted attempt at making one but decided it would never be very good so bought two from Exxposed in holland (not available on the UK it would seem).


    https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl= ... mrc&uact=8
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