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In search of snow

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Pictures' started by Steve T, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Steve T

    Steve T Well-Known Member

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    Finally got to take the bike for a longer ride than just back and forth to work for the first time in weeks.

    This is The Macallans new visitor centre – looks more like Tele-Tubbie land from the outside, but apparently the inside experience is something else.

    Inside The Macallan - The Macallan Single Malt



    Seems to match the contours of the local hills when viewed from this angle

    I was determined to find some snow – guess this place will do

    Absolutely mobbed – every car park was chocker

    And this is the lastest distillery on Speyside – but they just knock out gin from this one, so no waiting years before you can sample the product, if that’s your tipple

    Steve T

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  2. boboneleg

    boboneleg Active Member

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    I found some snow when we had a dump a couple of weeks ago, the CRF needed a new chain so I took the good old Donkey




  3. Dee Dub

    Dee Dub Active Member

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    You, Sir, are a nutter.

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