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Kawaski KLX250

Discussion in 'Kawasaki' started by Barftone, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Barftone

    Barftone Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    My niece has lent me her KLX250 a few times now when I have visited the clan in the Lake district. I have ridden roads and green lanes on it so I am here to share: Very smooth, inoffensive power plant. It won't take the skin off a rice pudding but can be spun up to cruise at 60ish easily. Not much instant hoof to get over obstacles but ignore the revs (it has a nice digital dash) and gun it and it spins up nicely. Seat is a little hard on a long day but nothing like EXC Katooms! Nice lowish seat height (for a dirt bike) for those shorter in the leg dept. I'm 6,3 so it feels small for me. Jen is 5,3 and she can get her feet down ok. It handles well on and off road. Typical budget suspension ain't no white power but does the job well until really pushed. Tank is only 7 litres but fuel consumption is pretty good. I did 73 miles yesterday and put £6 in so approx 70 odd miles to the gallon. Gives it a realistic 100 mile range I guess. Fine for a days laning but if your using it everyday on a commute you might get cheesed off filing it up often. It has been beasted up Parkamoor (tough climb on rocks) and got over Gatesgarth easy enough so it is capable on the dirty stuff. Leccy start makes life easy. She has had it a while now and nothing major has broke or fallen off. Hers has a rather loud Akroprovic can which although pretty noisy, I think is handy in the fell lanes as people know you are coming which is no bad thing on narrow roads. I guess it is in the same class as the Honda CRF250l and appears very similar so you payz your money. It does not light my fire but does its job well and is cheap to run. I am not running to a dealers to get one but if circumstances allowed I could be tempted....maybe.
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  2. East Coast

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    Great and very fair review, I bought the FI model new in 2009 and still maintain it's the best thing I've ever bought. It certainly isn't going to win any races and I was pretty disappointed to start with, however it was only a case of months before I performed the simple green wire trick to de-restrict it and the bike was completely transformed. It'd now scream in every gear and tops out at 90.. though admittedly cruising speed seems to be at a comfortable 67mph (indicated).

    Apart from accessories, the only other thing i've done is tune the suspension slightly and I've had miles of fun on her, including a few two-up camping trips.

    The only limit i've come up against was when i attempted the Stella rally two-up on her, got about half way and had to let my girlfriend off to wait, I just felt I was going to break something and my put my ride back to Ipswich via Zurich in jeopardy. In the same trip I also managed to ride her fully loaded over Montbalnc avoiding the tunnel and roads - opting for ski runs made for one awesome day's riding and one of my most memorable days on my KLX. She performed effortlessly.

    Not the best thing for eating miles but if you've got the time the KLX250 can be great fun on all terrain.
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