New Ducati Scrambler anyone?


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Posted on Visordown are some more details of the forthcoming Ducati Scrambler. If ti really does hark back to the 250 and 450 single scramblers of the 60's and 70's then they could well be onto a winner as these singles really were very pretty bikes.

Teaser of the new one -


And one of the original single scrambler -

recall racing a desmo 250 on the starfire.. quick but very unrelable :D

also sounded awsome the single will be very light :cool:
This is stunning tho

One day could be the future.

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Ruth really liked them too,

especially as it's the right size for short arses :)
Nice, but to be honest I preferred the Triumph when it was about.
Another bike from the RDS show last Sunday, the new Ducati Scarmbler. This one had "Pre production model" stencilled on the tank.

Reminds me of a Yamaha XT500.

Ducati Scarmbler at RDS.jpg