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For Sale Satmap Active 10, plus loads of maps and stuff

Discussion in 'Other Items For Sale & Wanted' started by DaveS, May 7, 2017.

  1. DaveS

    DaveS Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Satmap Active 10 for sale.
    1 x Lipol rechargeable battery (two shown in the picture by mistake)
    1 x Mains USB Battery Charger (missing from the picture!)
    1 x Case
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x AA Battery Caddy
    Maps as listed below.

    Has a new screen cover, note that it's an Active 12 cover, despite the fact that its a Active 10. They are interchangeable.
    Accessories available from SatMap to be able to mount on handlebars or totally waterproof it.
    When I bought it second hand a few years ago it was sent back to Satmap and refurbished with a new screen, etc..

    Has been deregistered from Satmap so the new owner can register it.

    No manual but can be downloaded. https://satmap.com/active-10-user-guide

    For those that don't know these are professional quality rugged GPS mapping devices.
    Great for finding your way, following a route or recording a route. I use mine all the time when walking and cycling and many times when green laning.

    Reason for selling is that I have a newer model and this just sits in the drawer.


    Ok as many of you will know this is the expensive bit.

    1st SD Card
    These are on a Custom SD Card and the maps are fully toggleable (you can switch between 1:10K to 25k:1 to 50k:1 and down again at the press of a button.)
    1:10k Street View of Somerset
    1:25k Somerset
    1:50k Whole of Great Britain
    1:25k Glamorgan - Cardiff
    1:25k West Sussex - Chichester
    1:25k Gloucestershire - Gloucester
    1:25k Greater London
    1:25k Surrey - Guildford
    1:25k South Devon
    1:25k Berkshire - Reading
    1:25k Hampshire & Isle of Wight - Southampton
    1:25k Wiltshire - Swindon
    1:25k Cornwall & Isles of Scilly - Truro
    1:25k Greater London - Westminster

    2nd SD Card
    1:25k Kent
    1:50k Kent

    3rd SD Card
    1:25k Wallis / Valais Switzerland
    1:50k Wallis / Valais Switzerland

    Also high level basic map on the device.

    £175 delivered to your door by Special Delivery.
    Advertised elsewhere as well.
  2. outrunner

    outrunner Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    "Delivered to your door" that statement will get Craig jumping, again! :)

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  3. DaveS

    DaveS Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    £150 before I go off to ebay?

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