Tuscany 2023 - 12 - 28 May

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Twice in a row my plans to head up north to visit a distinguished forum member from Scotland were wrecked by Covid/lockdowns etc.

Now with the said distinguished Scott, we put together a repeat of a Tuscany trip in 2023.
Easy way down through France, away from motorways as much as possible, Switzerland no Vignette, into Italy and down to Tuscany (Cecina my home town as a base and a few excursions, but also some time off the bikes).

The plan is to camp most of the times, if and when we find different accommodation, we'll take it. Looking at taking the Eurotunnel (early morning 12th) train rather than ferry.

Bought my train :
Friday 12 May 2023 Departs Folkestone at 07:20
Sunday 28 May 2023 Departs Calais at 20:36

So far interested:
Me (obviously)
Distinguished Scott (was his suggestion so he can't get out now)
Andy (will keep you posted)
SteveT (mmmmmmmm....)
Hudders (my personal bodyguard)
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Well I've never been called distinguished before :D:D
But I'm in :thumbsup:
I am sure you will find a few good routes in your native country Tony , thanks for invite and keeping in touch :respect:

Looking forward to see where we are going. Gotta love Tuscany, been there twice and loved it :thumbsupanim:


The Don

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I would so love to join you for this trip if there is room. I've been unable to attend anything for a while, but assuming I'll be back to normal shortly I'd like say yes please ?

now now......let me think.......:rolleyes::rolleyes:all right then I'll let ya! lol of course mate :) :welcome:


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Nice one Tony. I have too many things in my diary already for then sadly. It was a great trip last time.