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For Sale Varadero bits

Discussion in 'Motorcycle parts For Sale & Wanted' started by Tony Varadero, May 27, 2020.

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    Not sure how many Vara owners still around but before it all goes on ebay:

    For sale:

    Tubular Crash Bars Givi TN454 good conditions re-sprayed 5 years ago. Some minor marks but I never dropped the bike. Message me for more photos if needed
    Price £ 90 (RPP 140/150)

    Givi E52 Monokey with top metal rack, plate and Varadero specific fittings. Box has been heavily used but still works. It is NOT water right anymore. Fittings in excellent conditions and two keys present. £ 50

    Plus chain guard 15 £
    Clear plastic head light cover £ 10
    Spare side stand £ 50

    I could sell the whole lot for 190 £

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