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For Sale XL Varadero 1000 (2014 ABS)

Discussion in 'Motorcycles For Sale & Wanted' started by Tony Varadero, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Tony Varadero

    Tony Varadero Active Member Forum Supporter

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    Peeps bike may be up for sale soon in the new year. I will post it here first for two reasons:
    a) to see if there is any interest here first
    b) to check your opinion on what the bike might be worth .......

    Good bits:
    Mileage 35K
    MOT Expires April 2019
    FHSH every 4K miles (all bills and stamps present except 36K done by private mechanic)
    Good conditions
    Large SW Motech Trax panniers and rack
    GIVI Top Box and rack mounted on top of the box for extra luggage capacity
    Baglux Tank cover and bag
    USB port with battery charge indicator
    Front and rear fender extensions
    GIVI Engine bars
    Camel Toe
    MRA Vario Touring Screen
    Akrapovich cans (originals brand new also available)
    Hard plastic headlight cover
    Honda original centre stand
    Honda Heated Grips

    what would be a fair asking price....? Ball park figure...?

    Thank you all in advance.......
  2. Tony Varadero

    Tony Varadero Active Member Forum Supporter

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    damn lads.....one at a time....I cant keep up....:)
  3. Lutin

    Lutin Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Sorry, haven't a clue what it's worth.

    Other than trawling the likes of ebay, gumtree etc I'm not sure where you'd get a valuation.
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  4. austin

    austin Well-Known Member

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    Like Tony (Lutin) I don’t really know. When I sold mine in 2012 it was 5 years old and 45,000 miles with loads of extras and farkles like yours. I think I got £3,500 for it. So probably somewhere around that I would have thought.

    The extras don’t really make a huge difference to the value, but do make it a more attractive proposition - so list for that purpose not to get more money, although I suspect there’s many that prefer a standard bike. If you can be bothered It might be worth taking all the extras off it to sell separately or to use as bargaining chips to keep to your original price when someone makes an offer. GLWTS but I suspect it might be hard to move on at a decent price.

    I still have the original exhausts for mine too, I can’t give them away.
  5. DaveS

    DaveS Administrator Staff Member Forum Supporter

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    Hmm I’ve always fancied a varadero.... but all spare cash is being focused on the house at the moment.
  6. dodursley

    dodursley Active Member

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    wasn't the last model year 2011? although it may have sat in the showroom until 2014.
    Dealers are asking up to £5000 but actual solds on ebay
    honda (varadero, xl1000) -125 in Motorcycles and Scooters | eBay
    show max ~£3250
    I had been thinking of selling my 2003 vara (FI 6 speed no ABS) with 40000 miles on it, but as I would be fortunate to get £2000 it is not worth selling as it is so comfortable for long runs, but a lump in the little lanes. Had thought about its replacement -Crosstourer but that is an even bigger lump @ 4x the price
    These days you can tax for a month (£8) if tax for a year then SORN it at the end of the month so there is just the MOT & it is insured on my classic multibike policy, eligible at 15 years old.
  7. Lowflyer

    Lowflyer Well-Known Member Forum Supporter

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    Think depends on the time of sale Tony,and also how desperate you are to sell, but I would agree circa £3.5k.
  8. Stuart D

    Stuart D Active Member

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    My mate has been given a part ex figure of £3750 for a 2010 abs model with full Honda luggage, heated grips, mainstand with 13500 miles. There’s a couple of 2010’s on eBay £4800-5300
    If your stripping bits off Tony, give me a shout as I just bought it & looking for bits

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